Our process for making new samples at BALiLAB is quite similar to others in the industry. In order to begin the sampling process, we need:

  1. 1. Provide us with either a drawing of the sample, a spec sheet of the sample, or the physical sample itself. We will also request a deposit for the sample.
  2. 2. Once receiving the required information, we will begin by making a spec sheet, a pattern, buy all necessary materials, make the screens for printing (if necessary), and sew 2 sets of “working samples”. One working sample will be sent to you and the other will stay with us for our reference.
  3. 3. After you’ve received and reviewed the samples, we will make any necessary changes you requested to the pattern and make a new sample and send it off to you again. We will repeat this process as many times as needed until you’re satisfied.
  4. 4. Once all the “tweaking” is done and you’ve approved the sample we will then grade it for sizing. Another set of “working samples” will be made for our in-house reference.
  5. 5. You now have a final spec sheet, patterns, and “working sample” with your name on it that will be used for your future production order.