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Our small shop – specializing in pattern making, sample making, and screen printing – has grown quickly since our doors opened a few years ago. Henry applied his knowledge and experience from helping many start-up companies get off their feet and into retailers around the world, and turned our small garment factory into a worldwide player.


Great Concept

The higher the standards we hold ourselves to, the higher-quality product we are able to provide to you.

A well-made garment comes down to the material and process used. We prefer using highest-quality grades of fabric we can find, such as 100% Suprima Cotton, Cotton/Lycra, 100% French Terry Cotton, and 100% Baby Terry Cotton. All of our fabric is pre-washed and shrunk prior to production, and our stitch count for all seams is higher than most garments to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting product.

Why Choose Us?

Pattern Making

The Clothing Guys has one of the best pattern makers Bali has to offer. With over 20 years experience, our in-house pattern maker can create almost any design you can come up with

Sample Making

Our process for making new samples at BALiLAB is quite similar to others in the industry. In order to begin the sampling process

Screen Printing

Screen-printing is the most common form of printing on fabric in Bali and across the world. There are many different types of inks to choose from when printing on garments, such as Rubber, Plastisol, Discharge, and Fancy.

Fabric Dyeing

Fabric dyeing can be done for solid colours by providing us with a Pantone colour code or printing on fabric by using almost the same method as “Screen Printing”


We make all of your care labels, woven fabric labels, and hang tags, during your mass manufacturing stage but we can also make custom packaging for you upon request.


SHIPPING We use DHL (3-5 days to Canada or US). Price depends on weight. e.g. 20 kg to Canada with DHL is $350


Along with many in house services we provide a number of outsourcing alternatives. Such as… Foot wear, Sun Glasses, Jewellery, Gift ware, Ceramic, Furniture and Home ware


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