Our Standard

The higher the standards we hold ourselves to, the higher-quality product we are able to provide to you.

A well-made garment comes down to the material and process used. We prefer using highest-quality grades of fabric we can find, such as 100% Suprima Cotton, Cotton/Lycra, 100% French Terry Cotton, and 100% Baby Terry Cotton. All of our fabric is pre-washed and shrunk prior to production, and our stitch count for all seams is higher than most garments to ensure a stronger, longer-lasting product.

Not only are we passionate about creating the best product for you, we also want to improve the lives of every one of our employees. At The Clothing Guys, we employ local members of our community. We pay our employees above minimum wage and provide our whole staff with daily meals, fresh water, uniforms, health care, and even life insurance. Along the way we’ve set a new standard for clothing factories in Indonesia.