[wptab name=’PATTERN MAKING’]

  • BALiLAB has one of the best pattern makers Bali has to offer. With over 20 years’ experience our in house pattern maker can make almost any design you can come up with.
  • Price is dependent on the complexity of the pattern/design



[wptab name=’SAMPLE MAKING’]

Our process for new samples In order to begin the sampling process, we need…

1.Either a drawing of the sample, a spec sheet of the sample or the physical sample itself (plus the deposit)

  1. Once receiving the required information, BALiLABwill make a spec sheet, a pattern, buy materials (screen print if necessary) and sews 2 sets of “working samples”. One will be sent to you and one will stay with us.
  2. After receiving, “tweaking” and approving the sample it will then be graded for sizing. Another set of “Working samples” will then be made for our in house reference.
  3. You now have a final spec sheet, pattern and “Working Sample” with you name on it that will be used for your future production order!


[wptab name=’SCREEN PRINTING’]

  • Screen printing is the most common form of printing on fabric in Bali and most of the world.
  • You send us a PDF image of your design. This file should be scaled to the exact size you want the image to be. For more complex multi coloured designs we ask that you send each colour layer as a separate PDF file.
  • Once we receive your artwork and payment, we will process in turning your work into films to be made into Screens.
  • A screen is created from your design. 1 screen per colour. 4 colours equal 4 screens.
  • A sample is then made for your approval via photos or we can ship it directly to you (Shipping charges will apply)
  • Printing begins after approval.
  • Pricing for screens:
  • smaller size screens: $25 per colour per screen
  • Large size sceens: $80 per colour per screen



Fabric dyeing can be done for solid colours by providing us with a Pantone colour code or printing on fabric by using almost the same method as “Screen Printing”

[wptab name=’LABELLING’]

  • $25 for samples (depending on size and weight)
  • $100 for 1000 pieces for standard swing tags (size and weight dependent)
  • $100 for 1000 pieces for standard swing tags (size and weight dependent)
  • Care labels and size labels are included and sewn into your items free of charge

[wptab name=’OUTSOURCING’]

Along with many in house services we provide a number of outsourcing alternatives. Such as… Foot wear, Sun Glasses, Jewellery, Gift ware, Ceramic, Furniture and Home ware


[wptab name=’SHIPPING’]

We use DHL (3-5 days to Canada or US). Price depends on weight. e.g. 20 kg to Canada with DHL is $350